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Beth Hoffman’s years of experience and knowledge enable her to provide her clients with creative and knowledgeable solutions that reflects their personalities and provides them with the most effective solutions for their style and budget.

Beth Hoffman

Principal & Lead Designer

Montclair, NJ

Tel: 201.463.9543

I could not imagine a better job. Interior design allows me to combine my creativity as an artist with the discipline of problem solving and organization, and the joy of exceeding the expectations of my clients.


My years of experience and knowledge in commercial and residential projects enable me to provide my clients with creative and smart solutions.


My twenty years in the field of architectural design has made me an experienced project manager who can insure that projects run smoothly. Complementing my space planning ability is my talent to design custom cabinetry, my disciminating eye for color, and understanding of materials and how they work together to create a stunning result.


I graduated with a BFA from Cornell University from the College of Art, Architecture and Planning where I studied both architecture and painting.

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